Naomi Russell

The Women Lead Movement (WLM) camp is the best camp I have ever attended. I met some profound women there. I gained a profusion of knowledge from the camp. The weekend of the camp I learnt about gender based violence (GBV),self esteem and many more.

What grasped my attention the most was GBV. I found out that I have been exposed to GBV but I was uninformed. I came to know that in the majority of cases females are victims of GBV. Women are often viewed as weak creatures. I loathe stereotypes for example “girls like pink”. That needs to stop. The notion that women must bow down to men (figuratively) or see themselves as less worthy dates back to before WW1.

The WLM made me realise that equality needs to arise. They found parts of me that I didn’t know existed. They empowered me. My companions and I whom attended the WLM camp have decided to do a project. We are going to have a workshop with approximately twenty five girls about self esteem and GBV inserting the things we learnt at the camp. We believe that if you have a good self esteem you will make positive life choices.

Due to our belief we have been fixated on helping females attain a positive self esteem. Before the WLM camp I would’ve never thought that I would ever succeed in doing a project like the one my companions and I are planning on doing. WLM makes me feel whole and fulfilled. It’s a comforting feeling when you know your not alone. That is something all females need.  WLM makes me feel enlightened about life! I feel like I can do anything.

There is an abundance of love  they have that makes my heart smile. Knowing that they are there for me makes me feel powerful in the most purest sense. The WLM is home.