Women Lead Movement conducted an educational workshops in Bellville South with a focus on Democracy and the Constitution. The workshop was aimed at increasing the participants’ knowledge and understanding of the Bill of Rights and their responsibilities as citizens of South Africa. The majority of the participants never knew how to practically apply these principles and enforce their constitutionally entrenched human rights, and therefore derived great value from the workshops. Aspects that were covered as part of the training session:

  • History of South Africa (Apartheid, Democracy and Final Constitution of 1996);
  • Values of the Constitution;
  • Nature of Human Rights;
  • Difference between Legal Rights, Moral Rights and Human Rights;
  • Bill of Rights (and Responsibilities) i.e. Socio-economic Rights, Civil and Political Rights, Cultural Rights; and
  • Practical group activities whereby the participants were required to apply their knowledge of the Constitution and principles of democracy to address the issues faced in the community.