To ensure that we keep our girls in school this programme provided financial assistance and other support to girls who come for poor households. The COVID pandemic has had a far-reaching impact on communities especially learners who struggle to stay in school due to financial and other challenges at home. This project aimed to alleviate the additional burden of school fees and stationery these learners have because their parents are not by the financial means to provide. We directly reached 10x learners from previously disadvantaged communities and we hope that we will be able to assist more learners over the coming year

Amendu Duku (18) “I am raised by a single parent and she is the only breadwinner that takes care of two children. The buying of my stationery and paying of my school fees is going to bring so much relief to my mother and it will make things easier for her. I am so grateful”

Zeneley Snyders (20) “I am extremely grateful to Women Lead Movement that have made such a big impact on my life since my journey with them. I am not supported by any of my parents and stay on the school hostel and was worried about how I would be able to purchase my stationery and pay for my school fees this year and out of the blue a miracle happened. Thank you to Sanlam and WLM for stealing my heart today and the investment they are making in my school”

Sayden-Lee van Wyk (17) “The sponsorship today by paying my school fees and purchasing my stationery makes a big difference in my life as both my parents are unemployed, and I live with my grandparents who supports me with their social grants. I am extremely grateful”

Mivuyo Msutwana (18) “This programme makes a big difference in that I will now be able to focus on my studies and finish my grade 12 with a peaceful state of mind and not stressed out about what will happen next or where we will find the money but to actually feel good about this year. Thank you, Sanlam and Women Lead Movement”