This programme was aimed at creating awareness amongst rural youth and facilitating a platform where they are able to engage relevant government departments and key stakeholders on issues relating to substance abuse and other social ills; career opportunities and application processes; job readiness. The majority of participants acknowledged that they have a role to play as leaders of change in their local communities by taking back what they have learnt at the camp in order to begin to address the following social ills and challenges. In the spirit of promoting an active and participatory citizenry the youth committed to:

  • Get involved in empowerment programmes in the community and encourage other young people to also participate;
  • Motivate victims of abuse and drug addicts to get involved / take part in these programmes;
  • Get involved in awareness-raising / educational programmes in their communities;
  • Get involved in the communities’ social programmes including youth camps;
  • Motivate/encourage/inspire the youth to become social entrepreneurs and inform them that they can do many things out of recycled material.