1. Increased leadership, skillfulness and self confidence of women and girls;
  2. Increased knowledge and understanding of human rights and the impact of gender discrimination to reduce human rights violations and abuse
  3. Increased participation and representation of women in local government, community-based organizations, existing community structures and decision-making processes;
  4. Educated and capacitated women and girls on the frontlines advocating and campaigning in schools and the community for women’s rights and the elimination of GBV;
  5. Equipping women and girls to become agents of Social Change in their communities and schools;
  6. Organized community activities through established Women Community Forums which is a WLM Flagship initiative;
  7. Increased knowledge and understanding of Democracy, Human Rights and the Constitution to combat low levels of public participation in processes such as voting and other forms of public life;
  8. Cultivating an engaged and responsible citizenry to hold each other and their elective official accountable.